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Kelimutu, the Amazing Three-Colored Lake in Indonesia

This amazing natural attractions is located in the district of Ende, East Nusa Tenggara. Being on top of a mointain of the same name, Kelimutu attract so many visitor.

These attractions are in the peak of Mount Flores with a height of 1,690 meters above sea level. Lake Flores consists of three 'puddle' or crater with a different color.
Besides being known as the Kelimutu Lake, this tourist spot is also known as the Three-colored lake. An amazing natural phenomenon because of three craters, closely spaced, but has different water colors. The color of lake water is generally red, white and blue, but it can turn green, black and brown, or other color variations. The interesting things is, when the researchers tried to take it as a sample of lake water, the water is clear, without color.

kelimutu lake flores indonesia

These three lakes are separated by erosive steep rock cliffs , so tourists must keep a safe distance while in the area. A good time to visit this tourist attactions are between June to August because the rain is rarely happen so that the fields are safe to be passed.

If you want to get the best views of Lake Flores, climb between 2 - 3 AM from Moni which is the nearest village to the location. Arriving at the summit , you can see the view of Sunrise over Kelimutu Lake. So don't forget to take your camera.

kelimutu lake flores indonesia

How could we set off so early ? There are many lodging in Moni. By staying at a nearby location to tourist, the preparation for climbing is easier.

History of Kelimutu Lake

Kelimutu Lake was discovered in 1915 by a Dutch named Van Such Telen. At that time he told local residents that at the peak of Mount Flores there are three lakes with red, white and blue color. Residents are not easy to believe because the three colors mentioned by Telen was the same color as the Netherlands Flag. But finally the residents believe, after seeing it by themself.

The beauty of this tourist spot increase after it was summarized in a painting by Y. Bouman in 1929. Since then, the beauty and uniqueness of the Kelimutu are widely known and widely visited by tourists.
kelimutu lake flores indonesia

The Myth of Kelimutu Lake

These three different-colored lakes at the peak of Mount Flores has the name of each. Locals believe that this lake is the dwelling place of the souls of those who died.

The names of this lake are
  1. Tiwu Ata Mbupu, the place to the parents who died
  2. Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai, the place to the souls of young people who died
  3. Tiwu Ata Polo, the place to the evil people who died
Tiwu itself in the local language means lake.

Of the three lakes, one which change color most often Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai. According to local residents, this is because the soul that occupies the lake is still young and unstable that affect the change of lake water color.

kelimutu lake flores indonesia

The Change can be a sign

Locals believe that the change of color that occurs in Lake Flores could be a bad omen of impending disaster in Indonesia. According to them, this has happened several times, including in 1992 and 2004.

In 1992, one of the lake turns into a reddish brown like chicken liver. Shortly thereafter, an earthquake occured in Flores, who takes a lot of casualties. The same thing happened in 2004 in which the Aceh tsunami and caused a lot of casualties.

According to local residents, Lake Flores has a big magical powers. This makes this lake as a a very sacred lake. Residents also often held a special ceremony or ritual by bringing offerings, asking for safety and blessing.

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